Secure Your Enterprise Mail Using Comodo’s Korumail

8th December 2017 | By admin

Mail security is important. Especially for enterprises that have to deal with thousands of emails every day. In this deluge of emails, there could easily be malware that has the potential to cost your organization millions of dollars. But malware is far from the only email threat organizations have to deal with.


Secure your Enterprise Mails

Spamming is another well-known enterprise mail-related issue which takes up unnecessary storage space, overloads mail servers, and affects employee productivity badly. These days, enterprises cannot survive without an e-mail security solution protecting their mailboxes.

Comodo’s KoruMail, which is a cloud-based antispam gateway, comes equipped with many impressive security features that make it an ideal email security solution for enterprises big and small. With Comodo’s KoruMail by their side, enterprises don’t have to worry every time their employees open mail attachments. Even if they are infected. Because KoruMail knows how to handle them.

Comodo KoruMail Features:

Efficient Spam Filtering: provides complete mail protection for your enterprise from the ever-increasing deluge of spam, other sophisticated email-borne attacks, and sensitive data leaks. Simply put, it ensures only clean (and malware-free) emails reach enterprise inbox.

Mitigates Risks Posed By Cloud-Based Email Services: cloud-based mail services like Microsoft 365, though versatile and reduce management overhead, come with their share of security risks. KoruMail addresses each of them successfully, allowing enterprises to operate faster, safer and more efficiently.

Conducts Extensive File Analysis: file attachments and URLs contained within incoming and outgoing mails are effectively analyzed by Valkyrie cloud-based service (which is also a Comodo product) that segregates this data into one of 3 categories: unknown, known-bad (which is blocked) and known-good (which is passed), allowing only the clean stuff to reach your inbox.

Containment Technology: allows email recipients to run unknown files (as Valkyrie analyzes them for harmful signs) without any risk of being infected. This ensures enterprise operations are not affected needlessly.

And Much More: email archiving and logging for auditing purposes, forensic analysis, automated e-discovery of recipients and senders, data loss control etc.

Learn more about Comodo KoruMail here:

Secure Your Enterprise Emails From Malware, Viruses and Other Security Issues

Use Comodo One KoruMail

*Comodo KoruMail is also available with Comodo ONE platform.

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