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Phishing Email

Bank of America

Date: Jul 10, 2015 12:35:21 PM From: Bank Of America <> To: *classsified* Reply To: Subject: Unauthorized activity on your online account Dear Bank of America customer, We have recently detected that a different computer user has attempted gaining…

Phishing Email

Temporarily Suspended Your Account

Date: Jul 23, 2015 11:52:43 AM From:“” <> To: *undisclosed recipients Reply To: “” <> Subject: As a result we have temporarily suspended your account.   We have been given reason to believe that there maybe some question as to…

Phishing Email

Opinion Outpost Phishing Email

Received from: “Opinion OutpostĀ®” <> Reply to Address: “Opinion OutpostĀ®” <> Subject: [SPAM]JOB OFFER – CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEY PANELISTS (Apply Within) Attachments: none Body: We have a customer service evaluation assignment available in your location and we would like you…

Phishing Email

Intercontinental Bank Plc phishing email analysis

Date: Jul 21, 2015 12:44:21 PM Sender: From: Intercontinental Bank Plc<> To: *undisclosed recipients Reply-to address: Intercontinental Bank Plc <> Subject: PAYMENT BY ATM CARD Body: Intercontinental Bank Plc Cotonou Benin Republic. Notification of payment by atm card Attention…

Locky Ransomware Spreading via True Telecom

Phishing Email That Tries to Steal Your Email Credentials

Received from: Email Security Reply-to address: Email Security Subject: YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR QUOTA Body: Your email ( ) is almost full. Current size 1989MB 2000MB Maximum size Your mailbox is running out of data storage and it might…

UN Phishing Email

UN Phishing Email

Received from: Filippo Grandi Reply-to address: Subject: Greetings Body: *See Attachment Letter and Contact Us* Attachments: United Nations Notification Letter!!!.doc Overall Analysis: Attached document contains text that claims the receiver of this mail is rewarded with some amount of…

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